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Feed Findings: Create custom feed searches with ease. Have your ever wanted to search your favorite Atom, RDF or RSS feeds by keyword? Do you frequently use feed searching tools like Nuah: Blog Search, FeedMeme: AJAX Feed Discovery, Feedster or The Feed Directory trying to identify specific relevant entries? If so, then we think its time you looked at Feed Findings.

Feed Findings, originally inspired by A9's OpenSearch, is a brand new feed processing tool. Where tools like BlogSieve help you filter groups of feeds, Feed Findings provides keyword based searching across groups of feeds.

Creating keyword search feeds using Feed Findings is both fast and simple. Use our three step wizard to rapidly create your desired feeds. Then immediately use your new feed in your favorite newsreader, on your mobile phone or even on your website ... imagine that. Thanks to our boolean searching, it's never been easier to find exactly the feed entries you were looking for!

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If you're ready create your own Feed Findings based search feed, click here.

Are you confused by the idea of a keyword search feed?
Sometimes the best way to alleviate confusion is to see some real world examples.

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Special Thanks
Feed Findings is made possible by Odin Metatech, the Odin Assemble Platform, Magpie and FeedCreator.